Arrived safely in Zambia

We are in Lusaka, settling into bed after another full day of travel.  We arrived this afternoon from Dubai and were greeted by Fr. Dominic and Kelly Huckaby, two good friends.

Early tomorrow morning we fly into Zambezi, where we will begin our reflective blog postings.  We will write more soon.

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7 Responses to Arrived safely in Zambia

  1. the houses says:

    So glad to here of another safe flight enjoy some rest. Prayers for all on your last leg of the long journey. Soon you will all be settling in to your Zambezi life/work. Look forward to the posts! Conner,dad will catch up on the posts in a few days heading back east to moses for the annual trip. Isn’t the same without both my boys, miss you already. I’ll catch Walter for you!
    The house family

  2. Rylie and Adelaide Dodd says:

    I am so anxious to hear if you made it to your final destination! I hope you were able to get some sleep so you can be refreshed for the work ahead. Love you and miss you.

  3. Donna M. Clark says:

    Hey Shannon Clark,

    Glad to see you arrived safely. Looking forward to the first blog from Zambezi!!

    Love you


  4. Debbie and Bob Richardson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAXIE DOODLE !!! Love you Mom, Dad and Abbey:)

  5. Larry and Kim Edinger says:

    Looks like you off to a fun start! Can’t wait to hear how your doing in Zambezi and see pictures. We miss you!
    We Love you! :))
    mom and dad

  6. Paxton's Sister says:

    From Seattle to Zambezi:


    I can hardly believe you’re 19. 19 years ago today, I woke up in the old bunk beds that used to be in your current room, and Mom and Dad had already left for the hospital. I got dressed in my flowered romper, so I could be cute for the first time I met you. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go meet you right away; I had to go to Kindergerten first, and then I had to sit and wait in the hospital for what felt like days. Finally, Mom and Dad came in and introduced me to my new sister 🙂

    I remember being so excited to have a little sister, and I dreamed of all of the girly things we’d do together. As we both know, that never happened because you’re not the girly little sister I thought I wanted 🙂

    I’m so proud of who you’ve turned out to be, and I’m glad we’re different. Otherwise, you would not be in Africa now, where I can live vicariously through you.

    I hope you have an amazing day, and I hope today turns out to be your best birthday yet!

    Love you, Pax!


    *** To all of Pax’s friends, if you can learn to sing Happy Birthday to Pax in the local language, please do – because when else do you get to sing Happy Birthday in Africa? 🙂 Hope all of you are having an incredible trip!

  7. Jason Ewwloreta says:

    Musana Mwane!

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAXTON! Isn’t it wild to celebrate your birthday on a whole new continent? Connor and Josh, please give Paxton the traditional Zambian birthday gift–a bucket full!

    You all are almost (probably now are) there!!! How exciting! I will be following this site everyday!

    Connor & Josh: Give Fr. Dom a big hug. Good luck to you both in leading such an incredible group of human beings. Connor, you’ll do amazing I know it! Love ya Zamfam!

    Helen-are-you-freakkking-kidding-me (haha. love you!), Christine, Savanah- I am so happy you three get to experience what can never be put into words. Love you three ladies! Be open, be kind to yourself, and listen twice as much with your eyes, hands, heart, and soul.

    To the rest of you whose names I don’t know/remember, but whom I will feel like are my best friends after following this blog 🙂 just know you all are loved back here in the states and that by the end of it, you all will feel like best friends too.. especially when conversations start being about things that you wouldn’t discuss publicly in the US.

    Be open to everything; soak it all in! Go set Zambezi on “Fire” (figuratively… I mean most of it already is, literally)!

    AMDG, Kisu Kisu Mwane!
    Jason Iloreta
    Gonzaga ALUMNUS 2014 !!!!!!!
    ZamFam 2013

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