Du-Hi from Dubai!

We made to Dubai and we hopped on a bus to take an amazing tour of the city. We marveled at the vast differences between life here verses our expectations for Zambia. We saw the tallest building in the world and dipped our toes in the Persian Gulf! Tune in tomorrow for more pictures and activities live from Lusaka!

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5 Responses to Du-Hi from Dubai!

  1. Sophia Riva says:

    Looking good Emily & Lucia!

  2. Jeff Dodd says:

    Rooting you on from Spo. The journey through Dubai is a great teacher, and I wish you all a warm and complicated landing in Lusaka!

  3. Allison Croft says:

    Have a great time everyone!!

  4. Sierra Martinsen says:

    Wow, I hope you all enjoyed your tour through Dubai! I’m so excited for you to land in Lusaka–it’s such a special city, and it will always hold a piece of my heart. Safe travels!

    P.S. Hi Ana and Ellie! I miss you two!

  5. Jeff Borden says:

    When I visited Dubai, I was struck by the abject poverty juxtaposed against some of the greatest wealth I had ever seen. My taxi drove next to a gold Lamborghini following a pickup truck with no less than 15 men hanging from all sides, coming home from work.

    I hope you were able to enjoy and use the moment to prepare for the incredible journey ahead. Good luck ZZ’s (Zag Zambisians) 🙂

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