We Made it to Lusaka

Hello family and friends!

After many hours of travel (14 hours to Dubai and 7 hours to Lusaka) we have finally made it to Zambia! We all agreed that the 7 hour flight to Lusaka went by quite fast and once we landed the excitement was UP! Once we got off the plane, we made our way over to Jason (a pilot for Flying Missions!) as well as Dominic (one of Josh’s close friends from Zambia who is also showing us around.) Most of us made it to our bus — Rosa Deluxe — except, we ran into one hiccup. Will and Ellie were stopped at the airport with some of Gonzaga’s duffel bags that had supplies for Flying Mission Zambia by some security officers! Don’t be alarmed, Will and Ellie were all good in the end and we figured out that the Flying Missions parts we brought would be taxed on Monday. We waited for our peers patiently and passed time by playing some fun games (connections), sharing snacks (twin snakes), and telling stories.

After all coming together on the bus, we went to the mall to exchange cash and go to the grocery store. Most of us purchased large waters and different kinds of potato chips. The barbecue chips were amaze. Ana loved them the most. We then made it to the hostel and dropped our bags before dinner.

Dinner was a BLAST!! We went to a restaurant called Urban Masai. Urban Masai had an amazing atmosphere, fun DJ, and delicious food. We had Matoke platters with beef, chicken, goat and sides of plantains, coconut rice, fries, kebabs, and samosas! At dinner, I really felt the group bonding together as we laughed and danced along to the music. By the end we all were thinking wow, the vibes are immaculate here (check the pictures above).

We made it back to the hostel at 9pm and although we all feel very tired, I can confidently say, the group dynamic is thriving and our spirits are high!!

Sending love to all of our family and friends <3 So much growing is happening and so much to look forward too!!


Lucia D0ty, Class of ’25

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3 Responses to We Made it to Lusaka

  1. Michelle Doty says:

    Wow! Amazing adventure begins! I am especially happy to hear about the “vibe” of these awesome students and faculty.
    Love You, Loosh
    Thanks for taking care of each other
    Michelle, Jim and George Doty

  2. Katy Rettenmier says:

    Yay Zam Zags!!! I am so glad to hear that everyone made it to Lusaka safe and sound. Say hello to Jason and Dominic for me!! Be sure to savor all of the time you get with Dominic – he is an absolute legend and he is very wise. If you get the chance to sit next to him at dinner, take it! 🙂

    As you embark on the beginning of this journey, take in all of your senses around you. Write them down and think about them often as they are changing in the new environments you are exploring. I can’t wait to keep on reading about your next couple days in Lusaka and beyond. Know that your family and friends are all with you in spirit at this time – and we are all so excited for this adventure. Much love Zags! <3
    – Katy Rett <3

  3. Trig says:

    Sounds like a gooooood dinner! Excited for more updates

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