In the beginning

Friends, family members, Gonzaga Zambezi alums, and every dear reader of our 2018 Gonzaga-in-Zambezi blog,

Hello from Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city! After a long flight from Seattle to Dubai yesterday, we checked into our hotel (provided by the airline, substantial buffet style dinner and breakfast included) and went on a two-hour bus tour of the city. The opulence in Dubai was striking, from the glitter and shine of the airport to the robust shopping scene to the ongoing construction of the new and the fancy. We saw and heard a story of rapid recent development that has created an ultra-modern city funded by oil. We flew into the third busiest airport in the world, took pictures of the world’s tallest building (the Burj Khalifa), and drove by an abundance of five-star hotels with suites that cost up to $30,000 dollars a night in peak season.

Still, there was much of the city we didn’t see, many stories we didn’t even begin to hear – about the workers who are building Dubai and the less-fantastic places where they live, about immigration patterns and personal circumstances that bring people in from all over the world to the city, about the role of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai itself in regional politics..

As we settle in for our night in Lusaka before flying to Zambezi in the morning, we’re already finding much to process. Look forward to hearing more from each student over the coming weeks. For now, here are their one-word reflections on how they are feeling as we continue with our Zambia beginning: intrigued, in awe, overwhelmed, surprised, anxious, yeaaaahhhhh, ruminating, free, excited, earth green, anxious, welcomed, welcomed, almost, excited, ready, deliriously (), humbled, welcomed, refreshed, curious, peaceful.

We look forward to your comments; we thank you for the support that’s gotten us here, and we are excited to share our journey(s) with you.

Hannah Klaassen, the lucky Gonzaga staff member who gets to join this group

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17 Responses to In the beginning

  1. Ann BRUNETT says:

    Much love and luck to you, Hannah, and to the entire group, in all that lies ahead in the coming weeks.

  2. Maritza Qaqish says:

    Blessings to everyone on the 2018 Zambia Journey.

  3. Perspective shifting from the start!

    Here’s to a moving experience full of new friendships, laughter, humility, open minds, gratitude, love, and compassion. Soak it in!

  4. Katie Shoenberger says:

    So excited for all of you!! Love you Bridget!! xoxoxo You’re all in our thoughts and prayers everyday of this special journey!!

  5. Tom Hoban says:

    I’m having fun trying to figure out which of those words about Dubai to attach to Madelyn. Probably “yeaaaahhhh” . . . followed by a dab!? LOL

    Appreciate the update, Hannah!

  6. Margaret Hoban says:

    God is good! So happy to hear the beginning of your journey is going well. Enjoy spreading love…happy for you all! Love to you Madelyn:)

  7. Conrado says:

    Travel well and enjoy every minute
    There are no hiccups, only adventures 🙂

  8. Conrado says:

    Love you, Devon

  9. Peggy says:

    I’m flying your wings-

  10. Hikaru says:

    What an exciting adventure ahead… Looking forward to reading the updates and reflections. Travel safe!

    Hannah – sending you a warm hug from the Spo!


  11. Katie and Paul Shoenberger says:

    Dad thinks you (Bridget) said, Ready? I think it could be ready, yeah, excited, curious…and while you feel welcomed, you probably picked a word no one else used!! I know, for sure, you’re excited and ready for this adventure!! Love you!! We are thinking of you and praying for all of you and all the people in Zambezi every day!! And I’m pretty sure you also feel peaceful!! Love and hugs to all!! The Gonzaga Family is SO special!! xoxoxoxo

  12. Shellie & Don Groscost says:

    May every day bring you a new adventure. Build new friendships and make lasting memories. Safe travels to all of you!

    Alyssa – Missing you already! Hope you found your book in your luggage 🙂 Love you Baby Girl!

  13. Michele E Morrell says:

    So happy for the update! Miss you already Olivia and so excited to hear about all of your adventures. Have a great trip Zags! Seeing some of you in the Seattle airport reassured me of what a special group you are. Sending love from Portland!

  14. Rita Groscost says:

    I’m thinking of you and praying you have a safe and happy journey. I’m very proud to say you are my granddaughter. God Bless You, ALYSSA! Love, Grandma

  15. Safe travels to all of you, what a great experience Please take a lot of pictures so I can enjoy this with you. It was great seeing you in Spokane at Ryan’s graduation, it was beautiful. Love you, Alyssa, and hope to see you this summer. Love, Grandma

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