Tired but thrilled!

To our dear family, friends, and supporters: we’ve arrived in Lusaka. After over 20 hours in the air and well over 10 more in airports, we arrived safely in Zambia this morning. We met up with longtime friend of the Zags, Dominic Mizhi Sandu, had a chance to change money and shared a wonderful first lunch. All are well and looking forward to a night of rest after a dinner in Lusaka’s historic Show Grounds. We are excited to share this journey with you through our blog and will start posting daily tomorrow!

Kisu mwane,

Jeff Dodd

Assistant Professor of English at Gonzaga

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13 Responses to Tired but thrilled!

  1. Heather Atkins says:


  2. Jonathan Barsky says:

    Thanks Jeff! We appreciate and look forward to your blog!!

  3. That is excellent news! I can only imagine the excitement and awe of the group! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  4. John McKeegan says:

    Fantastic! Grateful for the blog, and this amazing opportunity for growth. Go Zags!

  5. Matt Johnson says:

    Such a treat to know that Jeff, Josh and the gang are headed back to Zambezi again this year. Zags, please know that many of us are rooting for you and covering you in prayer. Why? Because we believe this journey matters in forming the people that each one of you and our Zambian friends are becoming. Please, challenge yourself to be present to the moments of this journey. Whenever possible, especially whenever you notice that you’re feeling distant or exhausted or longing for home, take account of what you’re seeing, smelling, hearing. Pay attention to the moments that light you up or concern you, the words that really strike you in one way or another. If you allow them, many of these things will settle in your hearts and years later, you’ll start to realize how they’ve changed you.
    – Matt Johnson, Zam Fam 2014

  6. The Rosenwald Family says:

    Wishing all you weary travelers good rest tonight! Congratulations on your arrival in Zambia. Much love!

  7. Teagan Cramer says:

    And so it begins! Excited to hear more about your adventures! Go Zags!

  8. JoAnn Barbour says:

    Enjoy the journey Everyone! May your hearts and souls be open to all that awaits.

  9. Molly Watts says:

    Wonderful to hear of the group’s safe arrival in Zambia. The week ahead looks amazing on the itinerary—can’t wait to hear more!

  10. Kyle Meyer says:

    Great to hear that you have all safely arrived! I am looking forward to hearing about my peers experiences and follow their learning. Much love to our zags on this trip and the community in which they are being invited too.

  11. Janeen Steer says:

    Greetings Zam Fam! Welcome to this special community. This experience can be a life changer if you allow it to be. May you take space everyday to be surprised by the beauty, brokenness, hope and love that all is all around you. May you wrestle within and without. May you open yourself to the day that you have. I have been thinking about you/praying for you since you left the states. I imagine that you are at Faulty Towers enjoying all the sights and culture that are brings. You are loved.

  12. Karen says:

    Checking in on all of you–good to hear you have arrived and are well.

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