Living in the now

A huge hello to all of our beloved friends and family back at home! It has seriously been so heartwarming and encouraging to read all of your comments over breakfast each morning. Over the past seventeen days, I have been anxiously awaiting my turn to post a blog for you all. In that time, I have seen, heard, and felt so much that it becomes difficult to truly articulate how incredible this experience has been. However, I can say with great ease that not only has it touched my heart, it has changed it for the better. As our time in Zambezi quickly comes to a close, I am struck by how prevalent the concept of time has been on my thoughts and actions since arriving. Similar to my anticipation over writing this blog, I have often found myself waiting for “big, planned events” throughout our stay. With so many awesome experiences to look forward to, it isn’t easy to refrain from counting down the days until that next exciting adventure.

As the first weekend here approached, I nervously prepared myself for the homestay visits. My anxiety over my first day of teaching at Chilenga weighed heavily on my mind for the better part of several days leading up to it. The privilege of getting to be Mama Kawatu’s assistant for a day, an experience we each take turns doing, left me eagerly hoping for the future. And of course, despite our reluctance to leave Zambezi, the trip to Livingstone has us all extremely excited.

With these few examples in mind, the realization of how constantly I have been waiting leaves me frustrated as I recall some insight Father Baraza provided during our prep class back at Gonzaga. In his attempt to prepare us for Africa’s foreign concept of time, he eloquently explained that unlike in America where we rely so heavily on the future, here there is really only past and present. This mindset dictates a genuine appreciation for the little moments that occur in between the big, planned events. I have now witnessed this lifestyle firsthand, and have been powerfully inspired to adopt the same mentality.

Although it is natural to be excited or nervous for the future, it is important not to let this distract you from the now. I have grown to stay mindful of the present and open my eyes and my heart to each passing moment, for each one too quickly becomes a part of the past. Looking back on my time in Zambezi, I realize these unplanned, “in between” moments have actually been those that I appreciate the most. These moments include my daily walks home from Chilenga with Michael, Lauren, and Lucy, talking with each other as we listen to the pitter-patter of children’s feet chasing after us in the sand repeatedly screaming “Chindeli! How are you?!” It is taking a break from preparing for tomorrow’s school day to step outside and stare in awe at the stars, which Megan describe as being “out of this world!” It is the humbling moment when 9th grader Caleb walks three miles home with me just to have a Polaroid “snap” taken of the two of us. It is stopping to see Mama Catherine (see photo above) who, despite her busy schedule, always willingly takes time to happily greet and walk with me for a while. It is the sunsets, the bumpy Landrover rides, the taste of the bananas, and the warmth of complete strangers. These moments, along with so many more, are the ones that keep me grounded in the present, and that I appreciate the most.

This afternoon, our group was honored to host many of the Zambian community that we have each been so inspired by over for lunch. As we spent our morning preparing an authentically American meal of fajitas for our guests, I was warmed by the realization that these relationships we have built were not founded on big anticipated events, but rather a result of small moments that accumulated over the past seventeen days. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of as my fellow Chindeli and I ate with, talked with, laughed with, and even danced with these people who will forever have a mark on our hearts.

With only three full days remaining here in Zambezi, I am determined to let the past and present guide my actions as my adventure continues to unfold. I am so blessed by the experiences I have so far been exposed to, and will continue to soak in every last moment, making lifelong memories with my beloved Zam-fam along the way.

Thinking of you all & gwaku nzanga (I love you!)

Katie McCann, Class of 2015

P.S. So much love to my family and friends at home, I miss you all so much! Mommy, you have earned the title of MVP blog commenter, and Christian you are always in my thoughts! Hi to Ambs, Morg-kung-fu and Kirst as well, thanks for your regular postings J X’s and O’s!


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  1. wendy mccann says:

    Dear katie… And others,
    To hear from you katie, it was like nothing before. Just to read something writen by you, it was amazin. We all miss you so much. You seen to all be having fun and making amazing memories. I cant explain how much i have missed you. And,issed you sleeping with me. You are an amazin, and inspiring sister. I love you so much. At home… I leave for camp in wednesday, and am so so excited. School ends the fourteenth, so i will be out just before you get home. We got our yearbooks and halo desighned it! That was cool. I have a sodtball game today. I hope we winn. I… We all miss you so so much, and cant wait until you are home. I can not belive that i miss you this mych. It was one
    thingTo dropping you off at gonzaga, but leaving that airport was even harder. Because you were not just a drive away. I think i speek for everyone at home when i say that we are proud of you and are glad that you are having the time of your life, but we just need your smiling face, and your beautifull attitude. Keep enjoying your zambizi stay, and have fun. I miss you so much, hugs and kisses, wendy

  2. Kourtney McCann says:

    Katie- I can’t explain how proud I am of you for everything you’re doing in Zambia. Your strength, heart, and determination to help others has always been something I’ve admired of you. I look up to you in more ways than one and am eagerly anticipating your home coming. Graduation is a week from today and although you’re not here to celebrate with me I know we’ll have plenty of time next year when I’m at Gonzaga with you! Everything is well at home, we all miss you, (especially mommy and Christian) (; I love you so much Katie, come home so I can catch you up on EVERYTHING! God bless and have an amazing last few adventures, don’t forget to take lots of pictures of elephants, and enjoy every moment.

    Love you,

  3. Tom Hobson says:

    Time can be a strange concept sometimes. It can pass quickly, or slowly. Some people are always ‘on time’, others not so much. Different cultures are the same way. Whatever you do, ENJOY your time there. Life is short, enjoy the journey! As you spend your last couple days in Zambezi and say goodbye to your new friends, you have some more exciting times to look forward to!

    Michael, much love to you and the rest of the Zam-fam! Dad

  4. Kevin McCann says:

    Miss Kaitlyn….I never thought I could get so much joy out of reading a few words sent electronically to my computer. Your words today bring me such great pride and happiness to actually hear your thoughts, to learn about your experiences and to know that you are well. I feel so selfish to want you home but I will eagerly wait as I know this experience is one you were born to partake.
    Your comments about living in the “now” reminded me a lot of raising you. It would have been easy to always look forward to your next milestones: first words, first steps, first boyfriend, high school, college and one day marriage and family. Those things have all been exciting moments in your life that you have met with grace and conquered with success (marriage and famly can wait 😉 ) These are not the moments in your life That I have enjoyed most…it has always been the “nows” that I enjoyed the most…a phone call after your first day of second grade, a goal you scored in soccer, breakfast at the Harvester, a drive home from college (just you and I), or a text from you asking for advice. These moments are the ones I enjoy most… The “nows”
    I am so proud of who you are and the adventures you have embraced…now hurry up nd get home so I can have more “now” times with you.

    I am proud of you

    I love you

    I miss you


  5. Andre House says:

    Katie- “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Sounds like you’ve learned this lesson in life and are treasuring each and every moment in Zambezi!

    Again- so proud of each and everyone of you and can feel the growth of each of you via your insightful and inspiring posts!

    Love you, Conner House and think about you and the Zam-Fam throughout each day!
    Mom, Dad and Chad.

  6. Kathryn Porad says:

    Katie, i’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it is so beautiful to read about this experience through your words and be able to picture it through our own eyes. I love your idea about the “now”s and the idea to live our lives like that back home in the states. You are so inspiring and your post nearly brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad that you have found the right path for you, you are going to be such an amazing teacher. You are missed! I hope the brunette trip can rekindle this summer when you return home. Lots of love, you (and ally, Megan, and everyone else!) are in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy the rest of your trip and all the fun now experiences that come along with that! Lots of love from your freshmen year roomie.

    And don’t forget to get down to business and defeat the Huns 😉 enjoy your breakfast everyone!

    Xoxo Kath

  7. Christian Hoag says:

    Hey Katie, nice to finally see your post! You’re new concept of time, focusing on the past and present sort of reminded me of a quote from the final episode of the office that I saw the other day. Andy was talking about his new job and remembering the good ol’ days, and how he misses them, and then he goes on to say,
    “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good ol’ days before you have left them.”
    It says to me don’t always just be looking towards the future, for the great things that are coming, because in the future you will look back and say, wow those were some great times. We don’t want to miss all of the great things that are happening now in the present. Make the most of what you have now, and cherish what you have done in the past. And it’s great to see that is what you are doing, you are in the “good ol’ days” right now, in Zambezi. You are going to come home, and you’re going to miss being in Zambezi, and all of the brothers and sisters that you have made there. I’m sure you are already doing it, but live up your last few days there, cherish every second you have, so you can come back and feel like you did everything you could.
    Anyways, You’re really missed here Katie. We went out last night, and at the party we were at, the song (I don’t know its name) that you love so much from Celi’s wedding video, came on. I started crying in the middle of a conversation with Kirsten and Tessa when it came on, just thinking about how happy you would have been to hear that song come on.. Katie, every day that you are gone I realize more and more how much you truly mean to me. There is definitely a piece of me missing, in everything that I’ve done since you left for Zambia, I’ve noticed I’m not able to fully invest myself to the capacity that I know I can. It sucks that I can’t do that while your gone, but it’s truly amazing because it just shows me how much you actually are to me. It’s a lot, a lot a lot a lot. And I’m so happy for it! But I’m also ready for you to come back. We have so much to do and catch up on, it’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait 😀 I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. You are such an amazing person, doing amazing things, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’d do it again in a heart beat. Gah I feel bad, I’m filled with so much emotion and feeling, I can’t put it into words without being all gushy and lovy and gross hahaha sorry about that everyone.
    But Katie, continue to be safe, please please please be safe. I want my other half back!!! haha Also continue to have an amazing time, and cherish everything there, the struggle, the heartache, the beauty, the friendships, the love, everything. Words can’t describe how much I love you Katie! Sorry everyone again but that’s the honest truth. Keep being absolutely amazing and wonderful to the world best friend, I’m so proud of you Katie. btw, you’re really pretty, you should get in more pictures that go on the blogs…. hahaha Good bye Katie, it was amazing to hear from you, Can’t wait for next time!! I love you oh so much!!!!!!
    your best friend

  8. Lynda McCann says:

    FINALLY!!!! I have loved each and everyone of your blogs so much, but have been so anxious for this one in particular (of course)…and not being biased at all… but there’s a saying…”saving the best for last”…(in this case almost last). I LOVE IT and will save this always!
    We were outside weeding, getting the yard ready for kourtneys graduation BBQ when my phone buzzed and I raced to see if it was a text from Christian…YES! “New post!” (Without being said, I’m wondering if he and I have turned missing you, and checking the blogs into a competition…who will let the other know first?) I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you Kate;) We raced inside gathered everyone together and couldn’t hurry Daddy any quicker to wash his hands so we could read! Yes I read it out loud to everyone in between mixed emotions and tears…I almost passed my iPad to Daddy but that wouldve taken too much time away from getting through everything you had to say. I’m smiling from ear to ear seeing your beautiful face in the picture with Megan and Mama Catherine..! And will probably be looking at it all day…it may just be my new FB cover photo 😉
    Kaitlyn, I cannot wait to share this with Buppa! He has been emailing a lot since he left Mauritius (you know how he loves his stories and writing). Just this morning he sent an email about the past and about a piece of wood he’s treasured since the early 80’s…how many stories that wood has to tell from the past till now! The irony of your blog being so similar to his email has me completely numb…his message was also “live in the now” the future is not what matters. I know as soon as he reads this, ill get a phone call…the first child and grandchild has done it again…thank you for making us all so proud!!
    I laughed at being the MVP 😉 I told you I am addicted to this website, it’s my window to you. The last few days I have held off and been purposely waiting for other comments to be posted so that I wasn’t always selfishly being first…I never realized how hard it was going to be not hearing your voice, or being able to text and just know that you were doing well. I can’t wait to meet Dr Josh and everyone in person, to hug you and thank everyone for giving you this experience, but for also changing me…my heart will forever be touched by this trip! I cant wait to hear all the stories, but for now I’m rereading the past blogs and totally embracing this one! I love you all…! Enjoy the now and take away with you all that you have experienced on this journey. Thank you for making me smile! God bless you all always…keep taking pictures and (((hugs))) to everyone!!! Xoxo

  9. Zan and Claude Manning says:


    It is so good to see your happy, smiling face. We love you girl!

    By all accounts, this has been a transformative experience for you and all of the Gonzaga – in – Zambezi participants. Your observation about “living in the moment” is just one example. You are in esteemed company with your perceptive and wise comment. Almost every teacher of spirituality or philosophy teaches the importance of living in the now.

    Children instinctively know this as well. When you were little we were delighted watching you play. You were so completely involved in the activity, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future … not even events later in that day. You were Dorothy exploring Oz or you were Irenie following the golden thread.

    Katie, we love and treasure the little girl we have known as Lollipop. And we look forward (in the now of the near future) to getting to know the woman you have become.

    We are so proud of you.


    Gram and Gumpa

  10. Lori Newman says:

    It is so good to be reminded to live in the now, not the coulda, woulda, shoulda world. I can’t even imagine how much this experience in Zambia has changed all of you. Little moments that didn’t involve an electronic device have provided you so much happiness and fond memories. I can’t believe it is almost the end of your visit.

    Megan is was so good to see a picture of you and your smiling face. I can’t wait to give you a hug. We joined the Y again and I promised myself to start working out on June 1st. I went today and used the Eliptical. I managed to get it started without your help and without anyone laughing at me. I lasted a whole 10 minutes. Now I ache where I forgot I had muscles…I would love for you to be here laughing at me…

    Love you,

  11. Larry and Lori Newman says:

    That was another great inspirational message. I’m running out of adjectives to describe each one of your amazing thought provoking postings. Though I have this funny feeling that one of the final ones will be so good it will almost be Pulitzer prize winning. Of course I’ll have to get her permission to send it to all the newspapers. Megan, we’re looking forward to reading your version of the trip. Although we haven’t yet heard from you it was fantastic seeing your picture today. You look great and happy. I’m slightly nervous however to see how your rapid fire verbal skills translates to a blog. You might have to use a “6” font size to get it all on screen. Ha Ha, that’s a joke.

    It’s harder to give you a hard time publicly knowing that someone might not understand. Nevertheless “full speed ahead and damn the torpedo’s”. I miss chatting with you but building the goathouse kept me busy. Now that “Jerry” is a walking entree instead of a future tenant I’ll have to find something else to keep me busy…………………………………………LIKE WRITING ON THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just kidding, love you but I gotta go,
    P.S. I’m still in contention for MBP (Most Babbling Poster) I hope!!

  12. Jason, Rene and Samuel says:

    What wonderful thoughts and words to share… you sound SO mature!!! Clearly you are getting the most that you can out of this experience, while, I am sure, at the same time giving much, as well! Thank you so much for taking the time to blog and post things and share this experience with those of us back home. It has been such a treat and I can’t wait to hear more about your trip and see photos once you return. I am sure that your family is immensely proud of you, and remember, there are a lot of people here back in the states that think the world of you! Go enjoy some more of the ‘now’!!!

    Love Jason, Rene, and Samuel

  13. Amber Siciliano says:

    My phone went off and I saw it was from your mom and I INSTANTLY knew it was because you had FINALLY gotten to post your blog!! Girl… it is SOOOOO good to read what you wrote and finally have some form of communication with you!! It is so nice seeing a picture of you, looking beautiful AS EVER! I loved reading your post. Living in the present is something we all should try to focus on instead of anticipating for the future and reminiscing on the past. These are the moments of your life that should be cherished and taken day by day like you said. I am so beyond blessed to call you my best friend. You have such a wonderful head on your shoulders and you are such an inspiration for all of us here at home 🙂 They say you surround yourself with people that have the same goals or aspirations in life that you do, and I can honestly say I know I have you in my life for a reason. I admire you so much for your courage to embark on such an amazing journey. I can only imagine how hard it was leaving your friends and family, but I know you have gained so much from this trip than you ever could have if you stayed here in the United States. I cannot wait until you are home so I can see you. I miss you so much and love you with all my heart!! Enjoy your last few days and cherish EVERY SECOND you have in the wonderful world of Zambia.

    Mac would like to say a few words too 😉
    I hope you are having a good time! Amber misses you and never stops talking about you so we are both really excited to have you back home!! We will have to all get together again when I am back from Alaska this summer so we can play Yahtzee and so Brandon and I can beat you guys again! 😉
    Have fun and have a safe flight home!

  14. Suzanne McNeilly says:

    Hailey Baker, I can not even imagine the experiences you and your fellow Zags have done. All the wonderful blogs that have been written have really given us a wonderful insight to all that you have been doing. A shot out to all of YOU!!!! I can hardly wait to see you and hear all your stories and hopefully lots of pictures. All of you have a wonderful time on the last part of your trip. We are anxiously waiting for you, Hailey Baker to come home. We miss you much and love you lots. G-MA.

  15. Kirsten Visco says:

    KATIE I absolutely loved your post! It gave me shivers as you would say 🙂 and also made me miss you more! This concept of time that you had told me about before your trip still sounds like one of the best experiences to have and I am very glad that you are immersed in it and have been able to grow from it. This along with appreciating the little things and all of the amazing people you have been able to meet sound like highlights to your trip.
    The picture you chose to post in your blog is beautiful, and you know I can’t wait to see all of your pictures when you return home 🙂
    You are very loved Katie, as shown by all of the posts you have received from family and friends. All of the posts to show our support for you touched me and I can only imagine how they made you feel.
    Continue to live in the past and present in the last of your trip (and come teach me how to do so when you get back!!!) haha. love you. miss you. be safe. and have fun
    🙂 <3

  16. Christian Hoag says:

    Hahaha I was just flipping through the videos on my phone and came across a video of you trying to go cross eyed by me sticking a pen between your eyes…. Hahahahaha I thought I would share, I figured your zamfam should know you still can’t go cross eyed 😉 haha too funny, your muhh beeeeesst ffrriend!!! Love you Katie, you make me happy

  17. Tim McNeilly says:

    Hailey, it’s been so uplifting to watch you and your fellow Gonzaga health care team experience, and then describe Africa so very well. G-MA and I are very much looking forward to hearing about this amazing adventure when you return. You, and each of your team members saw Zambia in a unique way, and as we read each post, we saw how each of you experienced Zambia, and how Zambia might have changed each of you to better understand life’s big picture. We also sensed that you left home as a youngster, and you are coming home as a young adult with a very much expanded view of the world, and how you might improve it, as well as enjoy it. I love you Hailey, and I am so proud of the person you are, and are becoming. I am also feeling more secure knowing that you and your fellow Zags are going to make our plant a better place. THANK YOU, Zambezi Zags!!

  18. Susan Norwood says:

    Katie and group…It sounds like you all continue to have amazing times — and no electricity! I miss all of you and the adventures you are having, but I do have to admit that the 30 minute hot shower I took when I got home was pretty great. I can’t wait to hear more about the coming of age ceremony that you got to be a part of. It is hard to believe that just a week ago we were all in Dipalata. Savor your last Sunday in Zambezi and your upcoming travels. Susan

  19. carole marti says:

    The concept of time – yes it is something that us rushing about to make all kinds of deadlines and getting stressed out all the time in the USA could learn a bit from those who live in Zambia…..but there is a time and place for SOME deadlines and certain times to do things. Somewhere between how we all live in today’s society and what the Zambians are doing is probably a better mix for us all, and would probably alleviate the need for blood pressure medications!

    As your time in Zambezi winds down and you look forward to Victoria Falls and Lusaka and London, I know your hearts are also feeling a sense of dread of having to say goodbye to those you have grown fond of in Zambezi. It is one of the hardest things to do – saying good bye to people you may never see again. Hold them in your hearts so that you can see them everytime you look up in the sky at the stars in Washington (or wherever you live) and keep them in your hearts. You will never forget them and they will never forget you.

    Make sure you all spread the word of the things that you have learned….I mean really learned…while in Zambezi – not things like “people were friendly” or “showers were cold” but rather those spirits of the people, the despair of some, the culture, the openness of them, their welcoming nature, all of those things that we all could use a better lesson on in our lives.

    Shaun you are my one and you know it.

    I love seeing the blogs everyday – all of the bloggers repeatedly say that – but we are all living your experience through your words and pictures.

    Remember that the best way to encounter God is through his Word and Eucharist. And keep God in your heart. You have seen God every day while you have been in Zambia through the children and the eyes of the people – hurting or happy.

    Safety and God’s blessings to all of you for the remainder of your trip. As a mom, I am trying to ignore the bush plane deal….freaks me out to the max….just glad i am not there to actually see it……but then again, those of you who donated your drinking water to the overheated car the other day, well, then, one more life lesson huh.

    love to you all

    carole marti

  20. Hikaru says:

    I’m writing this comment on my couch tonight as I hear children laughing/giggling and sort of screaming outside. This reminds me of the convent, children joyously playing, so happy that they are alive. For me, it was during walks to the market just casually talking, exchanging knowledge about my culture as I learned about theirs that I truly felt in accompaniment with the Zambians. Laughing at the same joke is when I realized continents only separate us geographically and that there is a connection we share with other people, because we are human. Don’t be bound by time, do what you want with the present because soon they will be memories.

    Jason; prior to your departure, I told myself that I would be excited for you to travel to Zambezi and tried my best to not over-hype the experience. I told myself I would be excited for our chat afterward instead. I hope this worked. I love that you’re there and tattooing your heart with memories you will cherish forever. (kekeke, get it. statement inspired by G!) I hope this has been an experience that has shaken you, opened your eyes and heart for what is to come. You are amazing, I mean it!
    Mateo; I hope you’re tattooing your heart round 2. Please indulge yourself in the delicious Zambian food on by behalf. Eat the fish! Do it!! (yikes!)
    Josh; I love this blog.

    Have a wonderful day!

    With Love,

  21. Paul Brajcich says:

    Thank you for the informative and heartfelt post. You all have done a tremendous job sharing your insights with us. There will be so many experiences for all of you to share when you return back home. Michelle will have many sories to share by the campfire this summer!

    Michelle we all miss you very much but know you are having a great time. I look forward to your return so I can give you a big hug. Love Dad

  22. Monte Marti says:

    Thanks for the post. It is awesome to read and reflect. Just as you impact us, your new Zambezi family impacts you. They cause all of us to think about time, and the need to cherish each and every moment ~ here and now. Enjoy the here and now, and all the things around you ~ the people, the smiles, the sounds, the smells, the sunsets, the stars, the friendships, the …

    You are all awesome. You all make me smile. GOD BLESS! Monte

  23. Erin Dorsey says:

    Katie…Great post! Thank you!! I’m wondering as you all read this post if you were to choose one word to describe how you are this Sunday in Zambezi, what would the one word be? My guess is even if two of you chose the same word the “why” that word would be different just as Zambezi has been your own unique experience. If I were there, I would ask each of you the following question, “What’s becoming clearer to you about yourself?” From the posts it seems that the learnings have been varied and heart felt. Zambezi has been blessed by you and you have been blessed and challenged by Zambezi. When I first heard of this program, I asked many of my GU seniors what they knew of it. The common response was that it was extraordinary and unlike any other GU study abroad program. From your writings I can see that to be true. Each one has been delightful and candid. To Delaney, we miss you, we love you, we are so very proud of you and surround you and your Zag Fam with prayers.

  24. Wendy Flanagan says:

    Katie…. Your reflection seems beyond your years yet your reflection is far from it… grounded in today rather than tomorrow… a breath of fresh air in the now rather than a gulp of anxiety of the unknown. A beautiful testament of a beautiful girl absorbing a beautiful world. Kendall says your trip must be spectacular… So spectacular that all we can do is absorb “it”… chew on it, swallow it, digest it and savor it… the past and present of Zambezi… the here and now of a beautiful girl in a beautiful world. We love you, Katie!

  25. Teresa Baldwin says:

    Greetings to Katie, the writer and all of the rest of the folks,

    Katie, your words and experience of trying to reshape time to dwell in the present, in the now, are so true and everyone needs to be reminded of them. I recall when we were getting Lucy ready to leave for Zambia, each next big thing moved her on the path to actually being in Zambia. However, we knew even then that nothing in that preparation time would prepare her for truly being present in Zambezi. All the shopping, shots, prayer, celebrations and packing did nothing to prepare her, and I personally think that is the way the Lord wanted it…this trip and how you all have experienced was hand crafted by your Savior to impact each of you in a special and individual way…and so receive it.

    Here in Spokane, it is pouring rain on a Sunday morning and we are all wondering where spring retreated to…smile…going to have coffee with Grandma Linda today and read her some of your adventures. Dad and I missed church this morning, so we plan to hit the evening mass at St. Al’s and light special candles for our travelers as they finish their time in Zambezi and begin the journey home.

    Lucy bear, and all of your compadres, we pray that you would be given special ears, eyes and hearts to soak in all that God has for you, as Katie said, and allow it to become a part of you and what you bring back to us. I pray for ordinary things like safety and health and traveling mercies, I pray that the ways you have been changed will stay with you and become a part of you, and not fade into the words in your journal and the pictures on your camera.

    As every day, we love you and are so proud of all that you are, all that you do, all that you are becoming,
    many buckets of love,
    Momma and Dad Baldwin

  26. KaCe Medeiros says:

    Morning, Zags!
    Just for today…. You are learning such a wonderful way to live life. Every morning I read a card that says,”Just for today” I will try to live through this day only, I will be happy, I will adjust myself to what is and not try to adjust everything to my own desires, I wll strengthen my mind, I will exercise my soul, I will be unafraid to enjoy what is beautiful and to believe as I give to the world, so the world will give to me. What a great way to live life.

    We miss you Hayley!
    Mom and Bobby

  27. Christine says:

    Thank you, Katie and everyone else for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom. I am enjoying reading your posts. My children are enjoying seeing the photos and hearing what has been shared. Katie, what you write about time is so true. What an incredible experience you are all having! May God continue to bless and protect all of you!

    With my love,
    Katie’s Aunt DeeDee 🙂

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